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http://korean-products.com/inquiryGARIZ is a design company founded in 2003 by a former designer for 13 years at LG Design Center. Since its inception, the company has provided product designs and quality products winning numerous patents and awards. Its main products include camera half cases, straps, bags, and small leather goods. Through various design alliances and collaborations as well as systematic management from product planning to design, manufacturing, production, and distribution, GARIZ has grown into a sought-after brand in global markets.


Leather Camera Case

Made of Italian vegetable leather, this half case protects a camera and enhances grip while photo-shooting. Since the lower battery hole is open, batteries and memory cards can be conveniently replaced without removing the case.


Leather Cigarett e Case

This design case is a combination of the warmth of Italian vegetable leather and the coolness of aluminum metal. It is a product designed to prevent tobacco and cigarette powder from leaking, and has a practical structure as the equipped magnet makes it easy to open and close the case.
Registered as utility models, the open type half case on the lower battery hole is designed for a user’s convenience and the neck strap provides a comfortable fit. Along with many other products that have won design awards, GARIZ produces items featuring 100% Korean designs using premium materials from Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, etc. to produce best quality goods. Its high-end products are superior in materials, designs, and quality to low-priced Chinese products.
They are exported to more than 15 countries including the USA, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, , Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

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