Natural Soaps With Artistic Expression & Joy Co., Ltd. has been researching and manufacturing natural soaps for many years. Through accumulated expertise and continuous research on natural soap manufacturing, the company develops a variety of natural soaps distinctive from other rival products. In particular, Fun & Joy introduced Zzomulrak Soap made with new concept materials to freely express colors and shapes. In addition to manufacturing soaps, the company has developed a variety of educational resources to enable consumers to utilize products more effectively.


What is Zzomulrak Soap?

It is an artistic DIY soap allowing expressing of oneself by kneading it directly with the hands to create a variety of colors and forms just like regular clay. Zzomulrak Soap is a creative educational material that combines existing soap making classes with various clay classes. It helps one not only nurture the basic sculptural artistic skill for crafting fl at sculptures and three-dimensional sculptures, but also develops a sense of color. Different types of products are available including Zzomulrak art soap and Zzomulrak soft soap.


Zzomulrak Art Soap

Zzomulrak Art Soap is an artistic DIY soap made from CP natural soap. Characterized by adoption of exquisite and detailed artistic creativity, it allows a high-level of expression in both fl at and threedimensional sculptures. The product consists of CP natural soap, cornstarch, distilled water, natural colorings, and F.O.


What is CP natural soap?

CP soap has more powerful moisturizing and cleansing effect compared to normal soaps since it is made out of pure vegetable oil that is good for skin and contains natural glycerin. CP soap can be used after four weeks, the time required for its aging. The longer it ages the softer and more perfect it becomes. CP soap is considered the fi nest cosmetic soap. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods