RO Membrane Filters & Water Solutions its founding in 2009, MCM Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and distributing premium RO Membranes, Fittings, Water Valves and Water Tubes, providing a broad product portfolio to off er the best solutions for each individual market’s needs. Under high-tech full automation, through inline inspection, stable supply, and competitive cost granted to its customers, MCM has over 30 top-notch R&D/QA engineers, production supervisors, and sales/marketing professionals providing the most costeffective and flawless products to clients worldwide. Its more than 20 years’ experience in the drinking water industry enables the company to design and develop creative products reflecting diverse market requirements and changes.


T FC RO Membrane

MCM introduces a full line of high-quality household in-line water filters for the POU&POE drinking water system market, delivering consistent quality products and performance. When incorporating MCM T FC RO Membrane into your POU&POE system, MCM assures its customers the highest level of water purity and trouble-free performance.


Express Fit Fitting

MCM fittings are manufactured in acetal copolymer that is suitable for safely portable water, food and beverages. The acetal fitting can also be widely used for water purification and various drink applications.



MCM’s LLDPE & PE-RT water tube is used in water filtration units that are widely trusted in the use of beverage machines, refrigerators, and intermittent hot and cold machines. LLDPE offers a wide range of temperatures and excellent dimensional stability, uniformity, various chemical resistance, and economical system solutions. It is very flexible and elongates under stress and it is used to make thinner films, and tubing with bett er environmental stress cracking resistance. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods