Stainless Steel & Aluminum Cookware Corporation was established in 1999 and has been manufacturing stainless steel and aluminium cookware such as pressure cookers, pots, frying pans, and steamers. The company’s strict quality-management system has been authorized by ISO9002: 2002, an international quality management system. The products of Dainbell have received positive responses from customers both at home and abroad for their fine workmanship, excellent quality, and good service. Its brands include SUNTOZA, HAPPY COOK, MARIOSE, and YANGOM, registered in Korea, China, and Vietnam.


SUNTOZA Decompression Pot

The material has a 3-ply body (stainless + aluminum + stainless) and it features a special steam hole in the cover’s stand handle. When it cooks on max thermal, it is automatic down the inside steam. Both side handles slide open-closed and the glass cover has a stand type handle.


SUNTOZA Stainless Steel & Aluminum Pressure Cooker

This is made of stainless steel 18-10, the bottom is a capsule sandwich, and the handle is Bakelite. The pressure cooker has five safety devices, and the best quality material is used. Cooking time and power consumption are reduced. Nutritive substances are preserved, operation is easy, and the design is elegant. The decoration on the body is beautiful, and the cover can be opened with one touch.


SUNTOZA Aluminum Ceramic Pot

The material is die-casting aluminum and the Interior & Exterior is 5-layer ceramic coating with absolutely no PFOA and easy cleaning. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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