Heat Transfer Film

http://korean-products.com/inquiryUNITRADE Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes heat transfer films for textile printing. Currently, the company exports to 15 countries, and has more than 25 years’ experience in product production, development, sales, and export. Since the heat transfer film industry is especially sensitive to changing trends, UNITRADE focuses on communication with consumers and developing new products, always ensuring that quality is guaranteed.
The advantages of UNITRADE products already appealing to many consumers include easy cut, easy weed, high-tech matt finishing, and softness. UNITRADE is in the process of developing a 3D product that features the ability to retain 3D effect, and is also developing innovative products to replace existing heat-transfer films.

Classic PVC/PU

This is a most effective product that makes it easy to cut and weed. The Classic line is a flagship product of UNITRADE with delicate design that boasts excellent cutting power and matt finishing effect, and is widely used
in various kinds of clothing including sports and outdoor. As for Classic PU, in particular, it is thin, light, and stretchable, thereby being optimized for lightweight clothes such as swimwear, and yoga wear.

Digital PVC/PU

Digital PVC/PU can be used in eco-solvent printers, and any logos can be printed clearly and perfectly by using it. Attachable to light and dark colored fabrics, leather, denim etc., it is very easy to use. Digital PVC/PU can be widely used for any purpose such as uniforms, promotional clothing, and casual wear.

Soft Cut Foil

This is a product with stamping foil on the PU film. The adhesive PET attached is very convenient for cutting and weeding. Soft Cut Foil features a mirror-like surface and soft texture, and its material is very thin. It is suitable for colorful and luxurious fashion items such as casual wear, party suits, or accessories.

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