Lightweight & Flexible PVC Hoses as a producer of kitchen utensils in 1999, Se Young Metal Co., Ltd. has grown into a specialized trading company exporting more than 300 products. It is currently expanding its business to PVC hose manufacturing. Building firm trust and contributing to social evolution through the spirit of coexistence, the company has provided quality service to approximately 40 countries.
Placing its top priority on cultivating workforce talent, Se Young Metal has been hiring outstanding employees in order to be a first-class company that brings benefits not only to its customers but also to the future of humankind


PVC Hose; Gas (LPG, LNG) / Spray / Air

Gas Hose is used for supplying LPG, LNG, low pressure gas, Calor gas, and city gas. Equipped with a wire net between PVC walls, it is strong, safe, and easy to install
Power Spray Hose is and air tool used to spray agricultural chemicals and to provide high pressure while car washing or painting. It is easy to handle, lightweight, and flexible, causing no fissure phenomenon by UV rays.
Super Air Hose is easy to handle in extremely cold conditions and has high abrasion resistance for long life and excellent weathering properties that are ideal for compressed air tools. It is an air tool for compressors and various other purposes such as painting, public works, construction, mine and stone pit, etc.. It has excellent elasticity, durability over climate, and resistance against oil | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods