Packaging & Functional Film with producing polyethylene films in 1974, JK Materials. Co., Ltd. has been devoted to plastic manufacturing for the past 37 years. The company has been providing customers in all fields with optimized products including packaging film and functional film – ranging from BOPP and BOPA (nylon) film, to agricultural and industrial PE film. In regard to the plastic-injection-molding field, JK Materials also supplies major plastic exterior parts and precision parts for household appliances and precision fields such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners to large corporations and high-end firms.


NC BOPA film

BOPA film creates an excellent barrier to oxygen extending the shelf-life of most perishable products. Perfectly suited for preventing odors from escaping, BOPA film provides numerous benefits such as minimizing aroma loss of products and making their smell fresher and more enticing once the package is opened.
BOPA film for food packaging is well-known for its highly transparent and glossy appearance which is ideal for giving a tasty impression of the food, while also visually emphasizes the security and cleanliness of the food. Also equipped with good tensile strength, BOPA film for food packaging is highly resistant to being punctured or torn. The enhanced package strength ensures no contamination or damage to food during transport. Another benefit is temperature resistance, so it can be used for various purposes from refrigeration to vapor sterilization.
This keeps food sanitary and safe for consumers. Many alternatives do not offer the same versatility in regards to applicable temperature ranges.
Lastly, BOPA film is highly affordable compared to other counterparts. This economical, packaging allows reduction of production costs, thereby leading to greater margins and passing along the benefits of cost-saving to consumers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods