Personal Beauty Care Devices[INQ. NO. 1710C31] Since its founding in 2003, NutriCare. Co., Ltd. has been producing high-tech beauty devices and anti-aging skin care cosmetics. Seeking synergy effects, the company is in special collaboration with DAEWOONG, and Maeil, both leading companies in Korea’s pharmaceutical and dairy industries, respectively. The patented advanced technologies and materials are driving the growth of sales in the beauty care market.
MDPLANNER R3 provides both Bi-polar Radio Frequency and ion function for perfect skin care. By using the bipolar high frequency, it penetrates into the dermis layer and generates deep heat, thereby preventing skin aging by not only stimulating blood circulation but also improving elasticity and preventing wrinkles. MDPLANNER E3 has 4-step customized EMS program that is applied for the intensive muscle exercise to make the skin lighter and smoother.

MDPLANNER B7 implements the high frequency device RF (Radio Frequency) which is used also by professional beauty institutions. There are three functions, namely, TRI (Tri-POLAR) with highfrequency function; EMS with the muscle movement effect up to 18 times;and eV (electrical vibration) with special hand massage technique. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods