Functional Basic Cosmetics

For Whitening & Wrinkle Improvement


Modongee Cosmetics produces functional basic cosmetics in an ISO-certified factory manufacturing products with excellent efficacy and stability by using a patented formula. Currently, the company is exporting the premium functional cosmetics brand Antibe to, a mainstream online beauty company in the USA. Along with the recent popularity of naturalistic cosmetics containing natural ingredients, Modongee Cosmetics has introduced the brand Leyann and has been exporting it to Malaysia and Vietnam.


Leyann Rege Therapy Cream & Ampoule

It consists of cream that can be selected for skin types and ampoules that contain 10ppm of EGF, thus having excellent effects on skin regeneration and wrinkle improvement. All products contain natural ingredients with no paraben. In particular, the cream line is divided into three types – for oily, for complex, and for dry skin. With different case colors and different cream formulations depending on skin types, they are easy to identify.

Leyann Rege Therapy helps restore the skin condition after outdoor activities or exhaustion, regenerate acne scars, and relieve stains and dullness. When applied on the skin weakened after skin care treatment, it helps the skin recover quickly. It is also popular among dermatologists and esthetic shops.
EGF Rege Theraphy Light Cream for oily skin and EGF Rege Theraphy Rich Cream for dry skin are age-defying creams that renew and protect the skin health from hydrating and against environmental aggressors while the E.G.F and Tremella Fuciformis provide nourishment.
EGF Rege Theraphy Ampoule Set contains a high concentration of E.G.F. active ingredients and helps to improve the skin to achieve a state of optimal smoothness, radiance and tone. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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