Premium Functional Cosmetics consideration of its customers’ skin first through persistent R&D, Huway always makes honest and safe cosmetics with strictly selected materials. For example, instead of advertising, it is focusing on R&D for the bestquality products. And it leads natural beauty of skin with differentiated products and technical capability on the basis of continuous R&D efforts. At reasonable prices, it still provides high-quality products, and always uses natural raw materials.



Soonari premium peptide cream is a functional cosmetics product for both wrinkle improvement and whitening. TRI peptide restores elasticity to skin that has lost its volume and gone friable, with ginseng extracts and ceramide. Extra TRI peptide firming system is a premium system that keeps skin texture ideal with its firmness and elasticity, using Idealift and Regestril of Sederma, the French company. Ginseng water and red ginseng extracts improve elasticity, texture, and tone for the skin. It is a premium cream that strengthens the skin barrier with hydrogenated lecithin and ceramide 3 to maintain skin firm and moisturized.
Soonari premium peptide ampoule is also a functional cosmetics for both wrinkle improvement and whitening. It restores firmness to skin that has lost its volume, with TRI peptide and ginseng extracts. Jojoba oil forms light external layers of the skin that prevent loss of moisture to maintain skin moisturized and smooth. It is a highly concentrated premium functional ampoule for skin texture. Aquaxyl fills the skin with moisture, forms a barrier and provides moisture to smooth skin with a combination of birch and xylitol.
Soonari premium ampoule mask is an ultra-contact sheet with smooth texture. It contains 25g of the highly concentrated ampoule. It improves skin elasticity while strengthening its prevention of loss of moisture. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods