Women’s Hygiene Products

http://korean-products.com/inquiryThe recent controversy over the ingredients of women’s products such as sanitary pads is causing growing anxiety among many women. Women’s Y zone is closely related to their health. Therefore, the ingredients of products must be thoroughly examined before use.
Jil Gyung Yi, a vaginal care product brand produced by HAUDONGCHUN Co., Ltd. (HUDC), has recently completed human body application tests such as a skin hypersensitivity test in which dermatologists have participated. Made from ingredients extracted from aloe vera leaves, peppermint leaves, cactus, ginkgo leaves, etc., Jil Gyung Yi contains no surfactants, pigments, and artificial fragrance and can be used by all females over 4 years old.
Specialized in feminine healthcare, HUDC is a technological venture company with two patented technologies related to vaginal health in 10 countries. HUDC’s Cosmetics Division has been growing rapidly after launching its “Jil Gyung

Yi” brand in 2010, increasing its annual sales two-fold every year. HUDC’s medical equipment business division is developing a non-antibiotic vaginitis medication, (in Phase 2, Scheduled to be released in 2018)

Jil Gyung Yi

Jil Gyung Yi is a tablet-style feminine cleanser for deodorization before and after menstruation, mildcleansing, and elasticity and moisturizing. It is developed by the principle that lactic acid is generated by the lactobacillus which controls the pH-level inside of the vagina.


Jil Gyung Yi Sunshine Tone-up Cream

Jil Gyung Yi Sunshine Tone-up Cream is a brightening cream for the Y-zone. It provides women with shining light, moist, and elasticity in the Y-zone.


Jil Gyung Yi Feminine Tissue

Jil Gyung Yi Feminine Tissue is a necessity for an odorless day. It has remarkable absorption force due to the triple-layered fabric and moisturizing effect by polyglutamic acid. It has soft texture thanks to the embossed fabric and prevents secondary pollutants by individual packaging. Experience an odorless and fresh day during your menstruation.

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