Healthful & Easy-To-Eat Yam Meal[INQ. NO. 1711C11] According to Dongui Bogam, a medical encyclopedia series compiled during the Joseon Dynasty, yam strengthens the lungs and boosts energy. It is a root vegetable that is ideal for breakfast and grows deep into the ground containing mainly carbohydrate starch as rice and bread. Aged yam is even compared with wild ginseng for its outstanding health benefits and is well-known enough to be called an invigorant that is found in mountains. Additionally, it helps one’s memory to expand learning ability for students and also is good for relieving a hangover.
Healthy Yam meal uses 15 healthful grains (Rice, Black rice, Peanut, Nonglutinous rice, Rye, Bean, corn, brown rice, glutinous rice, African millet, black sesame, perilla, glutinous millet, black bean, malt) with clean processing for safety.
N-Choice, Co., Ltd. a specialized food manufacturing company that was established in 2000 with its company expansion completed in 2002, is seeking to manufacture new concept snacks utilizing ingredients from nature under an enterprise philosophy that places human health as its first priority. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods