Instant Stir-Fried Rice Cake CORE Co.,Ltd. is 2006 Cook-Tok, a frozen-type Teokbokki (stir-fried rice cake), SJ CORE Co., Ltd. has launched Cook-Tok, a frozen-type Teokbokki (stir-fried rice cake) in 2006, selling it through Korea’s largest online shopping mall including Gmarket, Wemakeprice, Auction, etc. SJ CORE’s Cook-Tok maintains 0.2 ~ 0.3% claim rate – the lowest in the Korean industry – and with re-purchase rate as high as 70%. First of its kind sold through social commerce, the product has been maintaining the current sales trend simply by word of mouth with about 4,000 online product reviews on Instagram and various mam cafes and blogs – through voluntary purchasing by consumers without any intensive marketing or advertising. Starting offselling 1 million packs in 2014, Cook-Tok has reached $ 2 million in exports in early 2016 and is currently the most popular Teokbokki product in the USA and Australia, while actively being exported to Southeast Asia let alone Americas and Australia, its the main markets.


Cook-Tok Original

This product consists of spicy and sweet sauce separated, thus its taste can be adjusted to suit one’s taste. Containing a special sauce, rice cake, and fish pastes, it is not necessary to purchase extra materials separately to cook Teokbokki, whereas it does not contain preservatives in sauces and rice cakes. It can be cooked using various supplementary ingredients such as ramen and tempura.


Cook-TokCheese Teokbokki

This product the first of its kind in Korea to contain a unique combination of wheat rice cake and seafood extracts. It also contains fish paste consisting of over 80% fish meat (more than 10% higher than other counterparts)with no preservatives in sauces and rice cakes. Cook-TokCheese Teokbokki can be cooked by using a variety of ingredients such as ramen and tempura. It is HACCP-certified.


Cook-Tok Rice Cup

Having a relatively long shelf life of ten months, Cook-Tok Rice Cupcomes in more than 10% higher volume compared to other products. It also contains chicory fiber and is excellent in texture. At the end of 2017, a new product in spicy Carbonara flavor will be launched. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods