Korean Gingko Leaves

http://korean-products.com/inquiryGinkgo leaves have for many years been used for making tea in Oriental medicine. Ingredients extracted from Ginkgo leaves have long been known to have various healthful benefits. In fact, the research conducted in earnest in Europe including Germany and France since the late 1960s has proved its various efficacies.
The main extracted component of Ginkgo leaf is Ginkgoꠓflavon glycosides. The characteristic of this substance is to facilitate circulation of blood. In other words, it widens the narrowed blood vessels and removes the stenosis on them, thereby lowering the concentration of blood to facilitate blood circulation. Medicines based on this ingredient are known to be effective for treatments of diabetes, stroke, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and so forth.
Also, flavonoids and ginkoides contained in Ginkgo leaves have strong antioxidant properties, lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Ginkgo leaf extract has been used as an adjunct to the prevention and treatment of various adult diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.
Established in 2006, GH (Global Health) is a manufacturer of dried Ginkgo leaves and raw materials for herbal medicines producing extracts from dried Ginkgo leaves, crude extracts, and dried Ginkgo leaf powder. Each year from July to October, GH purchases Ginkgo leaves from all across the country. After the first drying and grinding process, they go through extraction and concentration to produce the crude extract Ginkgo leaves. This extract is used as raw materials for natural medicines.
GH has a variety of facilities that can perform drying, grinding, extraction, concentration, and mixing processes to meet various buyers’ requirements.


Raw Ginkgo Leaves (Before Drying)

Exporting to European countries since 2016, GH manages overall processes from collecting to production of Ginkgo leaves in highest quality. In addition, environmentallyꠓfriendly and organic Ginkgo leaves are available on demand.


Dried Ginkgo Leaves

The Ginkgo leaves collected go through a drying process in the company’s own facilities. This product is currently sold in 750kg packaging.

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