Bathroom & Home Cleaners in 1994, DBK KOREA Co., Ltd., has grown to become the No. 1 OEM / ODM manufacturer of insecticides in Korea through technical cooperation with DBK Germany. The company also specializes in homecare and effectively pioneers the market through exports and the development of various products through extensive R&D activities. DBK KOREA aims to become a global homecare producer by satisfying the needs of global customers who seek a comfortable lifestyle.


Zetta Baking Soda

Zetta Baking Soda is an easy-to-use liquid baking soda that does not need to be dissolved in water. Dissolved in purified water, it effectively removes persistent kitchen grease and bathroom stains simply by spraying it. This multipurpose cleaning agent is a useful product for easy cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom, removal of grease on the stove or oven, and cleaning the tiles and bathtub stains.


Zetta Citric Acid

Zetta Citric Acid is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used for cleaning shower, kitchen, tile, bathtub, and mirror. Citric acid can be in purified water, and it can be easily sprayed without any extra steps to clean kitchens and bathrooms. This easy-to-use bathroom citric acid spray cleaner does not require dilution while effectively eliminating bacteria and odor.
These products are available through major online shopping networks including Gmarket, 11th Street, and Coupang as well as outlets such as Lotte Mart and are exported to ous various countries including Malaysia and Mauritius.
Currently, DBK KOREA is engaged in online marketing and we publicize internationally, especially in China through live broadcast marketing and marketing in Taobao, etc. Also, various marketing activities are being carried out locally and internationally. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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