Bathroom Sink Cushion[INQ. NO. 1712C10] In Korea, about 53% of career women in their 30s leave their jobs due to maternity and childcare issues. Moreover, 80% of stay-at-home moms said they would consider returning to the workforce if a job allowed for flexible hours. However, after having been out of the workforce for several years, it is not easy for women to find employment or a company that reconciles work and family responsibilities.
Moinee, established by a stay-at-home mom produces Hippih, a bathroom sink cushion. Hippih is installed on the bathroom sink and while holding a baby, the soft surface of the product firmly and safely supports your baby’s back. Hippih’s design is based on 300 different bathroom sink sizes so it fits most bathroom sinks. Hippih minimizes the use of disposable wipes facilitating hygienic wash to prevent diaper rash. Before use, ensure that the bathroom sink is installed securely. Put the Hippih on the sink and place the band around the faucet. Hold your baby in your arms and gently wash its bottom. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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