Eyelash Glue

http://korean-products.com/inquiryHaving been transformed into a corporation in 2012, Namin International Co., Ltd. has been producing eyelash glues for OEM and ODM customers in Japan. The company’s Japanese partner distributes its eyelash adhesives across Japanese eyelash market currently, Namin International is preparing to produce its own brand.


LushTok Eyelash Glue

LushTok, artificial eyelash glue, consists of two types, Clear and Black. The Clear type, which is the main product, uses clear white glue that turns transparent after 20 to 30 seconds after application to make the eyes look natural when the eyelash is attached.
The Black type is a glue that remains black even when it is dried. This product gives the eyeline a clearer look when the eyelash is attached. For its strong adhesive strength and stability, it is particularly preferred by specific groups of consumers of beauty products.

LushTok Eyelash Glue does not fail even in rain or wind and can even be used when swimming in the summer. Although it does not easily become detached even by pulling the eyelash by the middle, it can be easily detached by pulling the tip of the eyelash. It will be released cleanly without leaving any foreign material on the removed eye area.
It is easy to carry in the handheld size. Made in brush type, it is easy to apply and the amount can be easily adjusted. With no formaldehyde detected from it, LushTok Eyelash Glue has passed the skin safety tests, and its manufacturing facility is certified under CGMP requirements.
The LushTok product are manufactured in Korea.

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