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With Traditional Efficacy of Far-Infrared Radiation


[INQ. NO. 1712C14] There’s an old saying “Sleep is better than medicine.” This ancient proverb indicates the close relationship between sleep and people’s health. In Korea, a unique floor heating system called Ondol has been developed over thousands of years, becoming experimentally known to greatly contribute to a sound sleep, eventually leading to our health and well-being. The Ondol bed emits far-infrared rays upon heating, which are absorbed by the human body, and contribute to preventing a variety of illness by releasing bad toxins from the body through sweating.
BMB Ceramic Co., Ltd. has developed a ceramic bed made by mixing 12 kinds of minerals from Yeoju and Icheon regions in Korea, renowned for outstanding quality, jade, and tourmaline, etc. into loess and optimizing the anion and far-infrared values for the human body. BMB Ceramic Bed is effective in the purification of blood and improving one’s constitution, and controlling the autonomic nervous system, thereby helping to take a deep sleep as well as stabilizing the mind and body.
Kim Ok-kyung, the co-president of BMB Ceramic, had long been suffering from fatigue with hepatitis C before she developed the BMB Ceramic Bed and experienced a remarkable recovery by using it. Further, she let people with edema caused by kidney problem use the bed. Although there was a variation in the difference depending on the individual constitution, in case of being used for more than six months, noticeable improvements were witnessed such as cleared urine.
Far infrared rays and negative ions generated from loess and 12 kinds of minerals can be the most beneficial substance for the human body. Far infrared rays eliminate waste and toxic substances, promote blood circulation to cleanse the blood, improve metabolism sweating. And its anti-aging function improves chronic fatigue and the immune system. Anions have functions such as air purification, dust removal and sterilization, blood purification, cell activation, autonomic control, pain relief, and sleeping effects.
With excellent blood purification and constitution improvement effects, BMB Ceramic Bed is good for chronic fatigue and diabetes patients and also helps aged adults and recovering patients to rest and take a deep sleep through autonomic nervous control.
Another representative product of BMB Ceramic is BMB Ceramic Fumigation, a product specially designed to help women and men’s health by using the far-infrared radiation effect. It is effective for quality contraction and sound constitution by providing heat. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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