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Korean Red Ginseng 369

Made with six-years-cultivated Korean Red Ginseng and mixed with traditional ingredients famous for curing hangovers, this anti-hangover drink is the first of its kind in Korea to harness the power of Korean Red Ginseng.
Under the slogan, “Root out Hangovers!” Korean Red Ginseng 369, a premium sobering drink, has been developed through more than three years of R&D and clinical experimentation in over 260 quality-control systems and advanced manufacturing facilities belonging to the Central Research Institute and Safety Research Center of the Korea Ginseng Corp. (KGC). It is also a patented composite for hangover relief (Patent Registration No. KH324431)
This product is made from carefully selected six-yearscultivated red ginseng. The ginsenoside contained in red ginseng helps relieve hangovers by improving the physical functions decreased by alcohol. It also contains a large amount of ingredients to help relieve hangovers such as Rhamnaceae fruit, a typical hangover-resolving substance, aggirnion with liver-function improvement effects, and fermented extract of microbial soybean to help alcohol decomposition.
Korean Red Ginseng 369 is more helpful in relieving symptoms of hangovers including headaches and gastrointestinal discomfort, compared to conventional compositions. According to the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology in 2014, when the red ginseng was administered, the blood alcohol level was lowered by 13% and the alcohol dehydrogenase was increased by 38%, thereby proving that it not only relieves hangovers but also improves the health. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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