Venetian Blinds Moulding Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, and it is a leading manufacturer in PS slat blinds. PS (Polystyrene) is an eco-friendly material. The company has more than 200 kinds of slat color with customization as an option. Moreover, the company can provide customers with all items in high quality. It exports its products to many countries such as New Zealand, the Philippines, Kuwait, Thailand, China, India, Australia, Japan, and African countries.
It is currently the largest manufacturer of venetian blinds in the Korean market, exporting blind slats to over 20 countries. All processes from blind material production to finished product assembly take place at the Coworld factory in Korea. It supplies economically priced, highquality blind slats to the global market.



PS (Polystyrene) Blind Slats

Blind slats made of Polystyrene are the best as Polystyrene slats warp at all due to humidity. Polystyrene slats weigh less than PVC slats and heat strain less than PVC slats. Polystyrene is used with micro-transcription and special ink to create various colors and patterns. Polystyrene has excellent machinability, so its exterior is beautiful and its heat resistance and coloring are good. Currently, the company offers about 200 different colors of slat including plain color, wood plus, new royal light and RGB metal series.
It conforms to U.S. FDA hygiene/safety specifications and can be used as a food or drink container, refrigerated vegetable box, etc. It is particularly good for extruded artificial wood such as frame moldings and building interiors. It has less deformation rate and excellent at preventing moisture. Also, it is lighter than PVC slat that gets manufactured in large quantities in China. Strong in resisting heat, the demand for PS blind slats is on the rise in advanced countries currently. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods