Women’s Fashion Clothes

http://korean-products.com/inquiryFounded in 2008, SN FashionGroup Co., Ltd. operates a women’s fashion apparel shopping mall, manufacturing fashion items for women from mid-20s to mid-30s. The company runs three factories in order to provide consumers with products with superior quality while maintaining excellent quality.



This is flared long coat line with an elegant silhouette. This brand-quality flared long coat gives it an elegant silhouette with rich flare line. Containing 60% wool, it provides a luxurious texture. The Ct588 long coat offers a sophisticated look, with a wide collar design and a sophisticated flair line adding an elegant silhouette.




This is a romantic frilly decorated flower pattern dress line. op4020, a luxurious yet feminine flare and flower pattern flare are seamlessly lined with the same tone button details down the half-high neck design while the frills on both sides express a more romantic image. The skirt line is represented by a flare design with the upper body looking moderately fit. It also makes the upper body look slim, while supporting the lower body, thus increasing the beautiful style when worn.



This is a dress line full of romantic style. The ruffle detail on the unbalanced hem adds a feminine feel with perfect silhouette. The pearl brooch on the neckline makes the face look brighter, and the feminine design and built-in pads make a woman’s shoulder line look more refined and sleeker. The sleek, slim fit and unbalanced skirt details complete the silhouette of the curve.



This is a feminine yet chic rapdesign drape chiffon blouse line, with two colors, ivory and black. Having a wrap design underneath the V neckline without separate color decorations, it can be closed neatly and easily with inner hidden buttons and side buttons. A soft, floaty chiffon material and a feminine draping décor combine to create a romantic feel.


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