Combi Chair

Pilates Combi Chair

730(L)*830(W)*1260(H) mm
Combi chair is a best equipment to strengthen sense of balance and lower body muscle; its handle, pedal, spring and etc.
are easy to control and it is used in various motions easily.
Combi chair is developed by Joseph Pilates to apply modern medical science and motor mechanics for more exercise experiences.
Resistance spring and pedal with various options is available to adjust according to personal exercise ability and used to remedial exercise.
Various motions using chair can strengthen muscles around leg, pelvis, belly and shoulders and correct an imbalance of muscle.
It is the best equipment to improve the sense of balance among pilates equipment.



Name of parts for Combi Chair




After you select color from various colors to order, we will make it sincerely.
You can select other colors besides the above recommended colors.
Please consider that the color of fabric can be shown differently according to monitor specification or shooting lighting.
Please ask us when the color is important.




We used strong and beautiful pattern of American ash tree and birth veneer for finishing, which are less distorted but strong and beautiful.
Each product can have different color or pattern because they are natural raw materials.



The number of springs attached to gear bar is a key to determine exercise intensity.
Most pilates chairs of ours has two strong springs (black) and two weak springs (blue).
You can control the exercise intensity by adjusting springs.



(Detachable and removable)

Using handle, you can do chair exercise easier and add more motions.
You can control the length according to your body size.
You can adjust the height by handle screw easily.



Pedal (separate pedals)

Two pedals are connected to one foothold stick.
When you divide pedals, you can move both legs separately, strengthen the stability of core and develop muscles in balance.



Control for Custom

You can control the height by one-touch button easily.
It has separate pedals. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods