Modern reformer

Wood Pilates Reformer

2370(L)*655(W)*350(H) mm
Reformer is the most well known Pilates equipment.
Just with this, you can practice 100 kinds of exercising.
Modern Reformer is the upgraded version of Pilates,
referring to modern medical knowledge and motion dynamics.
Especially, it can get you the right position, supporting the core of your body.
Thanks to its intricate accessories, you can improve the quality of your muscles.



Name of parts for Modern-reformer




After you select color from various colors to order, we will make it sincerely.
You can select other colors besides the above recommended colors.
Please consider that the color of fabric can be shown differently according to monitor specification or shooting lighting.
Please ask us when the color is important.




We used strong and beautiful pattern of American ash tree and birth veneer for finishing, which are less distorted but strong and beautiful.
Each product can have different color or pattern because they are natural raw materials.



It is the most famous and representative equipment among ones designed by Joseph Pilates.
it can perform over 100 kinds of exercises so it is called as a flower of pilates.


Modern Reformer

In particular, it can correct the posture and allow balanced exercise, fixing the core of body. At this time, delicate devices (adjusting spring, rail, strap and etc.
help you to exercise effectively and appropriately.
It is designed to focus on qualitative strengthening and balance rather than quantitative one.


Control for Custom

According to spring combination, you can control 15 level of intensity to exercise. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods