Trapeze / Cadillac

Pilates Cadillac

Cadillac is called as trapeze table.
Joseph Pilates designed this for patients in sickbed to strengthen muscle and flexibility and do remedial exercise in small space.



Name of parts for Cadillac



After you select color from various colors to order, we will make it sincerely.
You can select other colors besides the above recommended colors.
Please consider that the color of fabric can be shown differently according to monitor specification or shooting lighting.
Please ask us when the color is important.




We used strong and beautiful pattern of American ash tree and birth veneer for finishing, which are less distorted but strong and beautiful.
Each product can have different color or pattern because they are natural raw materials.




Cadillac helps to do about 80 kinds of exercises including difficult motions and allows accurate exercise on specific parts to improve its function.
This is a key point of remedial exercise.
Therefore it is good for customized exercise according to his exercise ability.
In particular, Cadillac exercise is very effective to strengthen muscles around spine connected to the core of body, belly, waist and shoulder and it is useful for patients with spinal disorder to correct imbalanced body. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods