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January 10, 2018

EXCO, Korea’s Top Destination for Exhibitions, Conventions and Meetings

http://korean-products.com/inquiryEXCO was first opened as a regional convention center in 2001 and has been faithful to its role and function as a local landmark while devoting itself to its original task of promoting business opportunities for local SMEs and local culture.
Over the past years, not only has the number of events and visitors increased dramatically, but also the construction of the second exhibition hall was confirmed in the last year in order to meet the growing demand for exhibitions. This has marked a milestone in its advancement as an exhibition center. By December 2020, EXCO will offer exhibition space of 30,000m2 on the first floor to satisfy the requirements of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy for a global top exhibition center. Therefore, EXCO is anticipated to be able to create synergy effects from the enlargement and transform into an international exhibition center.


Actively Nurturing Future Growth Engine Industries – Future Automobile, Water, Medical, Robot, IoT, etc.

In addition to upgrading the existing core industries such as textiles and machinery, EXCO is also focusing on laying the groundwork for the expansion of the exhibition center to keep pace with changes in the industrial structure of Daegu City that seeks to become a city to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution. Such efforts include planning new exhibitions on the future growth engine industries such as future automobile, water, medical, robot, and Internet of Things (IoT), and expanding the pre-existing exhibitions in terms of both quantity and quality.
Having been recognized for successfully planning and organizing the exhibitions and conferences exclusively for the Daegu and Gyeongbuk industries, EXCO plans to keep up this trend in 2018.
As a starter, it will categorize exhibitions into: Business Events – Green Energy Expo, ICT Convergence Expo Korea, Fire & Safety EXPO KOREA, Daegu International Future Auto Expo, Daegu Automatic Machinery Expo; Public Events – Daegu Flower Show, Daegu Baby&Kids Fair, Daegu Pet Show, Daegu Urban Agriculture EXPO, Daegu Christmas Fair; Exhibitions Focused on Internationalization – Daegu International Beauty Expo, K-Food Expo, Medi Expo, etc., which are preparing to advance overseas step by step. The company devotes itself to exploring customized development strategies for each event and raising satisfaction of the participants through globalization of the fair and active buyer development.



Aiming at killing two birds with one stone – profitability and publicity – through globalization and community cooperation

The 1st Daegu International Future Auto Expo (DIFA) and the 1st Daegu Christmas Fair held last year were well received by domestic exhibition experts and EXCO was recognized for its ability to plan and hold new exhibitions. In particular, DIFA has established itself as a small but strong motor show at home and abroad, pioneering forays into niche markets differentiated from the existing motor shows.
In addition, EXCO is also making efforts to hold large-scale international conferences that have been providing the impetus for the development of new exhibitions through strengthened cooperation with the Daegu Convention Bureau. EXCO also intends to promote international conferences related with local and future growth engine industries based on the experience from organizing three energy-related international events including the World Energy Congress Daegu (WEC Daegu 2013), 7th World Water Forum, and 2021 World Gas Conference.
EXCO’s CEO Sang-Wook Kim explained, “EXCO is aiming for the qualitative growth of business in the aspect of being a partner for development of local SMEs. Exhibitors and visitors participating in the event play a major role by revitalizing the local economy through customer satisfaction. We will continue to position ourselves as the best international exhibition and convention center in Korea by taking this year as the foundation of EXCO’s second leap forward.”


Major Exhibitions in 2018

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