Flower Diffuser

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1801C01] Under the slogan “Add Value to the Space,” Aroma Factory Inc. has caused a big stir in the diffuser industry through its own brand, Refresh. Thanks to its exclusive technology and know-how, the company provides products with popular appeal for everyone by eliminating the price bubble in the air freshener market. Aroma Factory’s products are highly acclaimed for their trendy and honest marketing that satisfies the needs of a large number of consumers. Now the company is devoting itself to developing even better services and products. Apart from seeking profit as the fundamental purpose of a business, Aroma Factory is also being faithful to its social responsibilities by linking with various disabled groups and vulnerable social groups and sharing jobs.
Twinkle Flower Diffuser, Aroma Factory’s newly released product, adds brilliance to the fragrance. This product is an interior accessory that is suitable for expression of minimal luxury. The Twinkle Flower Diffuser will add refreshing fragrance and mellow light to the space.
The Carnation Twinkle Diffuser Gift Set comes in a premium gift box as well as having a substantial configuration.

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