Brass Bone Candle

Brass Bone Candle[INQ. NO. 1801C10] Faust Atelier is a group of artists working on the theme of bones with the aim to bring the inspiration of “Eternal Beauty” into our everyday lives. Out of this theme, they have developed a variety of interior accessories that are not limited to their physical properties. The ingenuity of the craftsman and experimental mindset are behind the quality of those works. The products made by the skilled artisans offer consumers value equivalent to the amount of efforts that went into the art works. Faust Atelier has a varied lineup of products including candles and incense holders.
Mountain Goat is a container-shaped candle inspired by the skulls of animals. The lid is made of fake bone material, while the container is made of brass. The entire process has gone through the hands of the craftsman. Each bone has a unique story and signature scent as the result of the collaborated efforts together with famous Korean perfumers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods