Convenient Baby Bags

Convenient Baby Bags[INQ. NO. 1801C14] Iconic Design, a lifestyle design brand, infuses creativity and passion to create vintage design products. Its products are conceptualized based on personal experiences gained by studying and understanding consumers’ daily needs.
The CONITALE Baby Bag in Bag is a compact bag in bag organizer that comes with many compartments to keep baby items neatly for easy access. It can be used for storing baby diapers, milk powder containers, milk bottles, books, mobile, wallet, medicine, thermal flask, and personal items all in one bag. The top click helps to secure items in the bag, and a handle is attached for easy transfer of items. It also comes with Velcro and clips to attach the bag to a stroller or car.
CONITALE is a product not only has delightful and mom-friendly designs but is also practical and functional ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable time for a mother and her baby.
CONITALE consists of a big main pocket, inner mesh pockets to separate smaller things, bottle holders, front pockets for frequently-using items, and a back pocket, and velcroed handle holders to hang the bag to a stroller and car back seat, etc. Equipped with a convenient, multi-use bag organizer with an efficient compartment, CONITALE is made of durable, strong, and water-resistant fabrics. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods