Eco-Friendly Mosquito Patch

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Patch[INQ. NO. 1801C04] Founded in 2013 at Korea Polytechnic University, Kayone is a well-being health company that developed the world’s first environment-friendly mosquito patch. Advancing into the global market, the company’s products have been favorably received in Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and so forth. Kayone always gives top priority to customer satisfaction based on high-end technology, designs, and quality.
Pucca Real Summer Patch and Pucca Nadri Sticker are new eco-friendly wellness mosquito bite patches that dissolve histamine toxicity caused by bites from mosquitos, ants, and other insect pests with no chemicals, using only natural mild heat of 37 degrees C that is similar to the human body temperature. It relieves itching, burning, and swelling from insect bites when applied to the affected area. It can be used without any side effects.
Pucca, a globally popular animated character that is exported to 150 countries around the world, offers trendiness and cuteness to everyone from infants to adults with a tattoo or sticker feel. Pucca Real Summer Patch and Pucca Nadri Sticker have been certified by KTR in Korea, GB in China, and FDA (OTC) in the USA. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods