PVC Decoration Sheet

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1801C15] Having started business in 1995, Magicfix Co., Ltd. manufactures high-quality products providing a variety of home decoration interior sheets including wall decoration sheets, window decoration sheets, interior films, wallpapers, wall decoration stickers, and nail art stickers in various designs. Its products are used both domestically and overseas. With many years of experience and expertise, the company creates inspiring designs with competitive quality. Magicfix owns more than 200 registration certificates for various designs developed in its own design research institute.
Magicfix’s wallpaper sheets add color and style on a plain wall simply by sticking on the surface. It can be wiped easily with water even when it becomes dirty or contaminated by foreign material for it to be kept clean. The antifungal insulation wallpaper sheet is embossed. The thick, high-density crosslinked foam of about 5mm gives a shock-relieving effect. In winter, the thermal insulation is excellent, so the heating cost can be less burdensome. In particular, the moisture-proof film on the reverse side is excellent for preventing foliage, dew condensation, and moisture in all seasons.
This product is receiving great responses from overseas as well due to its installation simplicity and neat designs. Currently, its exports include Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand while preparing to expand its U.S. market.


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