Premium Bedding & Curtains

Premium Bedding & Curtains[INQ. NO. 1801C17] Founded in 1999, MY HOUSE Co., Ltd. specializes in producing bedding, curtains, kids’ bedding and big size big-size cushions, offering sophisticated designs and practical and detailed bedding products. In particular, MYHOUSE’s curtains are made of charcoal fabrics to enhance their quality pursuing health benefits and beautiful designs at the same time. Certified for its excellent effects, the charcoal fabric used in MYHOUSE’s products features antibacterial, deodorant, and air-purifying effects, while maintaining a healthy and pleasant indoor environment with a large amount of far-infrared radiation emission.
The main product lines include Terraplus, a dust-free and allergy-free bedding with mite-blocking function, semi-permanent antibacterial and deodorizing effects. The company seeks to provide a comfortable sleeping environment through functional beddings with the unique design while reflecting the latest trends as well as promoting human health and the environment. All the products of MY HOUSE are produced 100% by its own design institute — from the material development to the production of the products through the research and development process.
The retro-modern concept design of Terapus Monogreen gives one a feeling of coolness in color and harmony through modern patterns. The functionality of the product is sustainable even through repeated washing. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods