World’s First Far-Infrared Heated Blanket[INQ. NO. 1801C05] Radiance International, Inc. has released a new far-infrared mat that overcomes the disadvantages of electric mats and hot mats, drawing keen attention from consumers.
Radishine is the world’s first heated blanket made using the patented SUHO far-infrared heating wire material, a new composite polyurethane material that provides heat within seconds. It is designed for using a DC 5V battery pack that does not have any risks of electric shock, fire, or electromagnetic wave.
In addition, Radishine is equipped with a deep-sleep algorithm that allows separate heat control on the left and right, up and down to help the user have a sound sleep. This smart heating bedding is a next-generation product that allows the user to turn the heating on and off by mobile phone via Bluetooth, and adjust the temperature and modes.
Safety is essential for heated bedding that the whole family uses every day. Radishine is safe from electromagnetic waves, fire, low-temperature burns, and electric shock. It is slim and flexible, allowing regular machine washes that ensure a semi-permanent lifespan. Extremely durable with no risk of electric shock, you can fold or wrinkle Radishine for storage, and also spin dry with no worries. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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