Luxury Functional Cosmetics

Luxury Functional Cosmetics[INQ. NO. 1802C13] Hwajin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has been engaged in product development, sales, production, and manufacturing for 36 years producing luxury functional cosmetics and beauty appliances. Consisting of a professional development group and finest experts of related fields, Hwajin Cosmetics sells 300 types of products and has approximately 15,000 sales employees. Its domestic and overseas global network includes 200 branches in Korea while OEM and ODM production is available to provide superb qualities and services.
Jin Cho Hwa is comprised of strong nutritional components of lactic acid fermented roots to make the skin healthy energetic, and moist. It is made from carefully selected ingredients such as fermented wild ginseng cultivar, peony root, walnut, milk vetch root extract, peach tree leaf, ginseng, mulberry root, pine tree leaf, twig, licorice for providing nutrition and various effects to the skin. Through the fabrication process through the micro-fluidizer, the average particle size is reduced to about 100 nm; as a result, it is possible to deliver better efficacy and it has doubled its efficacy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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