Cute Tableware for Kids

Cute Tableware for Kids[INQ. NO. 1802C04] Since 1997, YUYU Co., Ltd. has been producing a variety of bathware, kitchenware, and kid’s tableware designed with licensed characters’ illustrations. The company strives to provide satisfaction to consumers through sustainable development of molds with cutting-edge designs and to become a leading company in the 21st century of unlimited competition.
Double Wall Bowl & Cup are made of two different materials including stainless steel and ABS. They are fully bonded without a gap by insert injection molding. In particular, the inner material made of sustainable and hygienic stainless steel can be used safely for kids’ tableware.
Training Chopsticks is a product designed to help teach children how to use chopsticks and correct the wrong usage. The ring can be separated according to each stage, and a variety of designs are available according to individual preferences and needs. This product also stimulates children’s brain development and concentration through the continuous use of hand muscles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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