Innovative Home Skin Care Products

Innovative Home Skin Care Products[INQ. NO. 1802C27] SENSCO’s Storyderm is a global skincare brand that started from a human-focused philosophy to provide healing for both body and mind. Our products are designed: to provide care on each lesion of skin; to utilize optimized high technology; stabilize ingredient and formula with clinical data and study.
Princess Peel is a new concept peeling cream. A safe penetration of microneedles from marine life with porous structure activates collagen production by penetrating deep into the skin while Colloidal Gold provides purification of skin.
Ultra Lift Powder is a facial mask set. The multi-peptide and collagen provide improvements on skin tone and sagging skin. The activated peptides such as Hexapeptide and Copper tri-peptide maintain young and elastic skin.
Gold Capsule Mask is originally called Gold Film Modeling Mask (for professional use and size), this product is a super cream-type gel modeling mask which moisturizes skin for 72 hours by filling the skin lipid with Ceramide 3. This product soothes and strengthens damaged skin barrier. Newly designed Gold Capsule Mask is aimed for easier, simpler use and self-care at home. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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