Fermented Wellbeing Brown Rice

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1802C39] GangSung Bio Co., Ltd., located in Gangwon-do, Korea, is an agricultural corporation that manufactures and sells eco-friendly and natural products made from carefully selected raw materials.
Fermented Wellbeing Brown Rice produced by GangSung Bio made of brown rice added with 21 kinds of plant nutrients extracted from plants including millennium ginseng, red ginseng, ginseng, dangulou, turmeric, gardenia, dandelion, pumpkin, and beet by using the natural fermentation method. A bowl of Fermented Wellbeing Brown Rice contains essential nutrients for your body.
Unlike conventional coated rice, Fermented Wellbeing Brown Rice has the plant raw materials deeply saturated in brown rice, so the color does not change even when it is exposed to water or cooked. In addition, the disadvantages of conventional brown rice that it is not well digested and absorbed were greatly improved through the fermentation process. It has a texture as soft as white rice while reducing the time to add more rice or to soak. Thus, it can be enjoyed by both young and old.

Fermented Wellbeing Brown Rice was selected as one of the HIT 500 products by the Small & Medium Business Corporation and awarded the gold prize at the GTI International Trade & Investment EXPO. Currently, we are developing red ginseng rice and ginseng rice to help improve health based on exclusive fermentation technology.

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