Premium Functional Shoes

Premium Functional Shoes[INQ. NO. 1802C47] ”It is my goal to contribute to the health of our customers with differentiated products,” remarks Ahn Sino, CEO of ANN SHOES Co., Ltd. who has been walking a single path as a shoemaker for 50 years since he began his career in 1968. While working in KUMKANG, Korea’s No. 1 shoe manufacturer, Ahn designed special shoes such as horse riding shoes and golf shoes. Later he was recognized by the executives and assigned to the company’s export division. Since his independence in 1989, he has been supplying products to KUMKANG for 14 years.
ANN Shoes’ SINOMA shoes are in pursuit of oneness of shoes and the human body. Material for its outer skin ranges from common materials including cowhide to premium materials such as crocodile, anaconda and ostrich skin. Some are made of environment-friendly Hanji, traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees, and even cork – a culmination of the trial and error that Ahn has undergone for a long time. The heels are equipped with shock-absorbing springs and the bottom with magnet and germanium powder for blood circulation. The liners are made of bio skin fiber and antimicrobial copper.
The bio skin fiber has the same properties as human skin. It has the same conductivity and softness as human skin as well as far infrared wavelength band similar to the human body. In addition, the bio skin fiber has an excellent antistatic effect and protects the body from various electromagnetic waves. Thanks to the special minerals built in the fiber, it brings warmth and thermal storing effect when receiving heat including sunlight.
The antimicrobial copper is the only surface material certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It kills more than 99% of the bacteria that cause healthcare-associated infections within two hours. The antimicrobial copper is more effective when the copper alloy is with copper content of 60% or more prevents infectious diseases such as cross-contamination through the natural antibacterial property of copper.

SINOMA shoes are excellent for eliminating odor, antibacterial effect, and prevention of athlete’s foot caused by parasitic propagation of various bacteria and microorganisms inside the shoes and keep the feet always pleasant and healthy by preventing various diseases. Equipped with antimicrobial copper insole, SINOMA provides comfort and fatigue reduction for those who work standing in one position for an extended period thanks to the effects of the arch-shaped pylon such as blocking the harmful effects of water flowing underground and the shock-absorption.
“However rich you may be, you are miserable if you cannot walk. Currently, our shoes are being sold through word-of-mouth but will be known by more people through reorganizing of the sales network in the future,” says Ahn. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods