Various Microfiber Products

Various Microfiber Products[INQ. NO. 1803C08] CMA Global Co., Ltd. is the only and largest manufacturer of premium grade Microfiber cleaning cloth products in South Korea, controlling all production processes, ranging from knitting to printing, sewing, and packaging, thereby guaranteeing superior quality and punctual delivery.
Its high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths, 100% made in Korea, feature superior cleaning and caring efficiency for delicate surfaces like lenses and therefore are supplied to most of the major ophthalmic lens manufacturers in the world and many famous frame companies. CMA offers a variety of microfiber-based products including quality lens cleaning cloths, glasses cases, pouches, sticky screen cleaners, multi-purpose towels, mouse pads, which can be customized to meet the various requirements of customers. In addition, an anti-fog cloth, an anti-fog liquid, and a lens cleaning liquid are available. In particular, CMA also uses various printing methods including full-color digital printing, 1 or 2 color pad or silk-screen printing, embossed printing, acrylic or silicone-dotted printing, in order to meet the diverse printing requirements of customers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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