Creative Magnet Products

Creative Magnet Products[INQ. NO. 1803C17] Magpia develops and produces stationeries, office supplies, gift products, and a variety of creative and innovative magnetic products that allow children to learn through play, develop their emotions, intelligence and creativity as well as cultivate a play culture through joyful imagination. Magpia is coping with the market changes actively through advanced technology and will try their best with thorough quality management while listening to the customer’s opinion carefully.
Sticker Rubber Magnet Sheet and Rubber Magnet Tape can be used by cutting them with a knife or scissors freely. A magnet is attached on one side and a double-sided tape is attached on the other side. After detaching the paper from the double-sided tape, you can put it on a paper and other light products. After that, please attach the magnet to any iron product.
The Color Rubber Magnet Sheet can be cut freely using a knife or scissors. As an oil-based marker pen, one can design and use illustrated advertisements, symbols, and words. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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