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Fashionable Bookends[INQ. NO. 1803C20] Since its inception in 1987, Sinki Industry, a manufacturer of metal office supplies, has grown into a leading manufacturer through continuous product development, management innovation, and facility investment for 30 years. The company is planning and manufacturing various products such as office supplies, interior goods, decorative items, and DIY goods. In addition to metal, the company also manufactures goods using imported materials including wood, silicone, and plastic to expand its product range. In 2006, it received the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit and currently is exported to 45 countries worldwide.
SINKI bookends are produced at a factory in Korea using high-quality metal produced by POSCO Korea as its main material. All bookend products of Shinki Industries are equipped with non-slip rubber pads to prevent slipping.
SINKI Basic 7 Bookend in three colors of brown, ivory, and black harmonizes in any space with a monotone tone color emphasizing simplicity.
Desktop Bookend can hold 10 to 15 books. The side pocket can store stationery items such as fluorescent lamps and scissors. The slip-resistant rubber stoppers on the bottom ensure no slip on the floor. Made of 1.5mm thick metal, it does not bend even by an attempt of an adult man. Featuring matte black color, it goes well with any space. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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