SS Commercial Juicer

SS Commercial Juicer

Best Green Life supply you the best quality of SS commercial juicer
Ideal for healthy food stores, food processing factory, farming organizations, juice sellers, orchards, hotels, fitness clubs, diet shops, skin care clinic, sports center, oriental medicine clinics, hospitals, large-size restaurants, fruit sellers, fish market, nursing homes, welfare facilities, organic food stores, yoga institutes, food franchise companies, university labs, food institutes, paper-mills, sewage disposals.

Function :: Wheatgrass, Carrot Juice


Features of Angel Juicer for business use

Superior Extraction Rate
Angel’s three patented SHGTM
twin gear juicing system ensures the superior extraction rate, it will squeeze the last drop of juice. No other products in the market can match.

SHGTM Technology
Shattering Helical GearTM Technolegy Result of Twin Gear SHGTM technology, You will notice that all natural cellulose are ground throughly

LSCSTM & MSETM Technology
Low Speed Cone Screw and Multi Step Extracting Technology Angelia series uses
LSCSTM technology which makes high pressure while cone shaped screw is spinning slowly. In 3stages, vegetable, fruit are extracted thoroughly.

Super easy to dissemble and clean for using stainless Twin Gear squeezing filters

Highly hardened stainless gears, durable filters and sturdy stainless steel exterior design

Economical efficiency
Minimized loss of fruit and vegetable, special motor use, energy saving and its durability


Stable & Skillful ! 

Designed for the best Hygiene and durability thanks to the
know-how accumulated for the last 30years 



Medium 60K & Max 140K


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