Functional Chair[INQ. NO. 1803C31] Modern people spend two-thirds of the day sitting on a chair, so many people look for a chair that will bring work efficiency and a healthy waist. Ori-Back is an ergonomically designed health chair to support the user’s pelvis and lumbar vertebrae by automatically adjusting its shapes and positions according to the user’s posture changes.
This product always supports the lumbar vertebrae regardless of the position while sitting on a chair. The unique seat design prevents pelvic distortion and evenly spreads the pressure on the pelvis. It also frees up the movement of both thighs in a sitting position. Ori-Back is foldable and easy to carry, intercepts electromagnetic waves, and has magnetic effects. A contaminated cushion pad can be simply separated for washing and replacement.
Functional ChairSince its establishment in 2005, CHAIRPLUS has been manufacturing functional chairs, office chairs, and household chairs and supplies them to public institutions. In addition to the local stores such as Kyobo Hottax, Hyundai Department Store, Happy Department Store as well as Lotte Hi-Mart, Shinsegae, and GS SHOP, its products are exported to the USA, Japan, and other countries. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods