Functional Raincoat

Functional raincoat[INQ. NO. 1803C38] CECOCNT Co., Ltd., the official distributor of DuPont™ Tyvek® in Korea, produces handmade wallets, eco bags, camping products, raincoats, mattress covers, and nature-friendly goods. Its products are made of lightweight Tyvek® which is waterproof, excellent in tensile strength, and chemical resistant.
Tyvek ® is a flash spun-bonded, non-woven fabric consisting of paper looking hard and fabric looking soft types, produced exclusively by DuPont™. It higher strength-to-weight ratio than paper, with a bright white color and a smooth silky texture. Tyvek ® is good for printing, and it is environment-friendly.
It is easy to catch a cold when coming out wet from a swimming pool, valley, or water park. By wearing Tyvek® Raincoat after wiping with a towel, the body will become warm thanks to the insulation properties of Tyvek®.
Take it climbing or on a trip by putting it in the bag and wearing it when it suddenly rains or gets cold outdoors. Tyvek® Raincoat is not only waterproof but it also keeps the body warm. Experience the light and practical Tyvek®. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods