Non-Slip Stainless Tableware for Kids

Non-Slip Stainless Tableware for Kids[INQ. NO. 1804C01] Lilfant Co., Ltd. was established as an importer of kitchenware in 1961 and grew into No. 1 character kitchenware manufacturer for kids in the market. The company distributes premium household items such as kitchenware, clothes, mats, and swimming goods made using safe and high-quality materials through domestic distribution channels.
The Marble Transparent Non-slip Stainless Steel Tableware series is Lilfant’s flagship product with the outer surface in transparent neon colors. Lilfant Premium Kid’s Stainless Tableware consists of a plastic exterior and a stainless interior. This feature can functionally limit heat transfer when using the product. Lilpang’s stainless steel products are not only rust-free but also magnetic-free, so they are popular among mothers thanks to the use of high-grade stainless 304 steel that is hygienic and free from environmental hormones. In addition, its non-slip processed bottom prevents children from knocking it over and spilling the contents. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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