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April 19, 2018

Medical Devices for Plastic Surgery[INQ. NO. 1804C24] BeauMed, a global beauty solution provider, has been producing medicines, medical devices, and cosmetics and exporting the products of excellent Korean small and medium-sized enterprises to global partners at reasonable prices. ViewMed deals with the entire range of products related to dermatology salons. Its main products include anesthetic creams, HA fillers, poly-p-dioxanone (PDO) lifting threads, and various other solutions.
Miso V-Lift, a PDO lifting thread, uses a PDO with its reliability proven to offer various types and lengths. It is used for a lifting procedure and provides elastic and beautiful skin by promoting the activation of fibroblasts through the absorption and degradation of PDO.
MIFill, using the new technology of “multistage crosslinking” (MCL), has a high crosslinking ability, compared with other fillers, thanks to the use of low-molecular hyaluronic acid, which greatly facilitates correction. Filler has a longer shelf-life and has longer aesthetic results. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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