Innovative O2O Platform, Global Befriending Project[INQ. NO. 1804C44] What do you care to bring back home the most from a trip abroad?
K-BOX (Korean Culture Lucky Box) is an O2O platform that links Korea and the world. It was designed to be a medium to connect foreigners who are interested in Korea with Koreans who want to communicate with people outside.
Shim Youn-bo, CEO of ADDI GLOBAL Inc. has established the business with the aim to provide a global O2O platform in trade circulation and tourism based on his personal business experience throughout Korea, China, and Japan, “ADDI” is a pure Korean word that means a close friend or an old friend.
When a Korean native or resident sends a handwritten letter along with selected personal belongings and the user ID of SNS via K-BOX, the company packs them in a nicely arranged box to sell at duty-free shops and tourist attractions favored by foreign tourists to Korea. Through K-BOX, people are connected with the world and become global friends.
WinK, a specially designed mobile web service, further plays a role as a platform that links people around the globe both online and offline.


How K-BOX Works?

K-BOX was planned in collaboration with Kim Jong-won, a designer and creative director who has worked on various advertisements such as New Balance, TLX, and Blue Canvas and had strived to promote Korean culture through Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress.
ADDI GLOBAL is currently looking for potential partners worldwide, waiting for active participation of manufacturers who want to try out their products to attract foreign buyers, as well as individuals who wish to have their own souvenir box with a country-based concept. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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