Clothing Storage

Clothing Storage[INQ. NO. 1805C09] Founded in 2014, DressBook has combined the concept of a closet with interior design and produced vertical bookshelf-like closets to improve the way to organize and store clothes.
DressBook’s products are easy to organize, sort, and search as if managing books on a bookshelf, by arranging clothes in the same shape, same size, and same folding.
It is easy to use as it makes it possible to organize one cloth within three to five seconds, and even a young child can easily use it. Made of light PP material, it is not affected by temperature and humidity. It also enables the user to keep even a large amount of clothes in a small space without any confusion. The band is not elastic, thus helping to fix clothes and leaving no banding marks on the clothes. The attachable velcro tape can be used for both thin and thick clothes.
Manufactured and exported entirely in Korea, DressBook maintains the shape of the clothes and can be freely circularized according to the thickness of clothes. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods