Genetic Testing Services

Genetic Testing Services[INQ. NO. 1805C03] Medizen Humancare provides genetic testing services for analyzing body characteristics and measuring the risk of specific diseases aiming to establish a complete disease prediction system suitable for various races. This is done through continuous genome analysis research and discovery of disease-related genes at the attached research institute certified by the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA). It consists of researchers in the fields of medicine, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, statistics, bioinformatics and clinical pathology.
M-CHECK, the genetic test service provided by Medizen HumanCare, is to predict diseases including 21 types of cancer, cardiovascular, and other diseases. The genetic tests provided by Medizen Humancare and M-CHECK to predict about 90 kinds of diseases including depression, blood sugar, blood pressure, triglyceride, cholesterol and MELTHY to test 12-items including body mass index, caffeine metabolism, skin aging, and skin elasticity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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