Pet Cushions

Pet Cushions[INQ. NO. 1805C05] DOGPLEX Puppy House is a topquality pet cushion with excellent resilience. Both the corners and the entrance are rounded to provide a sense of luxury.
The spacious entrance is designed for a dog to easily come in and out without having to bow its head and makes it easy to see what the dog is doing inside. DOGPLEX Puppy House can always give the comfort to dogs, regardless of the direction.
Made of microfiber and ultra-fine fabrics that are not generally used for existing pet cushions and the finest cotton yarns to prevent crumpling and for high cushion resilience. What’s more, the bottom of the cushion is slip resistant.
DOGPLEX Puppy House comes in five colors: Latte Ivory, Lovely Pink, Pastel Mint, Coral Pink, and Tiffany Blue and is available in four types: DOGPLEX Pink Square, Ivory Square, Union Jack Cushion, and Gray Union Jack Cushion. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods