Pet Sling Bag

Pet Sling Bag[INQ. NO. 1806C02] Romance Dog, a manufacturer of new concept pet clothing, presents a new upgraded pet sling bag. Romance Dog Sling Bag, a bag to carry a pet, is a necessity for people who use public transportation and move through public places with a pet. Recently upgraded, this product is equipped with an additional cover to avoid troubling other passengers in public transport.
Romance Dog Sling Bag can be used in public places such as public transportation, cafes, hospitals, and fairs, and to carry a pet fixed with a safety ring to prevent accidents. It can be worn on the front, side, and back, as one likes. It can be used as a carrier, car seat while driving, a cold storage bag, as well as a waist base and bag cover.
The Romance Dog Sling Bag is equipped with a waterproof lining inside the bag for temperature control to accommodate ice packs and hot packs. Thus, it can be used for all seasons as a storage bag. It is convenient with ample storage space like a baby diaper bag.
In addition, the detachable strap enables three usages as front, cross, and backpack, according to the user’s preference. The waistband on the back of the bag is designed for even weight distribution. In particular, its body line concept design gives a visual illusion effect adding individuality and creativity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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